Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adage into the mirror twinkling,
but the mirror was not,
part of me was weeping and glaring,
telling me let it go..let it go.

Adage into the mirror crying,
but the mirror was not,
part of me was felicitous and gladden,
telling me it will not go.

There is something that matters,
there is something about that instant,
there is nothing that counts,
threr is nothing about moments.

Whenever it happens the time stops,
then why can't it last,why can't it be,
is the slip is in me,
it's just not the wish.

I promised to make it happen and happy
expectation's are not in the dictionary.

Dreams are just dreams,
it is always there,
there are flower's,there are desire,
things are so seeable , so pricey , so readable,
on a spur of the moment my dream is flown far away,
and i found it nowhere.

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