Sunday, December 27, 2009


the loneliness of nights alone ,
The search for strength to carry ,
and my pillow is you,
that makes me remember of you,
and provision of warmness,cosiness,
that i felt with you.

You loved me so much,
You shared so much,
i remembered those very moments,
beautiful,and lovely,
pure and true.

Then like the sun shine from up above ,
Then the flowers blossoms visible from my window,
You use to surrounds me with your endless love ,
which i can feel with your warmness,
your morning smile filled my days with happiness,
your eyes said everything,
And all the things I couldn't see,
Are now so clear to me ,
that u will always remain with me.

You are my everything
The only love I've ever known,
that is yours ..only yours.
When nothing else will do ,
i remember you,
Your spirit pulls me through ,
and things goes on through.

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