Friday, June 4, 2010

Thoughts running through my mind,
Memories coming back again and again.
When your bags are packed up,
When you are ready to go,
Whenever we depart ,
It makes my heart part.
Everlastingly with a feeling to meet you again,
Eternally with a hope to see you again,
Everlastingly with a desire to hold your hands,
Eternally with a trust to walk with you long,with hands in hands.

How we have talked,
How we have walked,
What all we have done ,
What all we have not done,
Excitement of having something good,
Craze of all stupid things.

I am listening your words again and again ,
The room echoing your voice again and again.

You are my biggest strength,
When i look at you,when i hear you,
I feel something abundant in me.

I have shared unforgettable days with you,
The days you have filled with bunches and bunches of beautiful flowers,
Made me full of delight,
Made me had a feeling of extreme pleasure.

having a beautiful relationship with you,
Want to say i love you.

I remember all,
Spending life with you,
Being whatever the relation is,
Is all i want.

Will work hard to concentrate,
Will work hard to achieve,
will work more,,,on our goal..

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